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Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray
Beard Growth Spray

Beard Growth Spray

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Beard Growth Spray is a herbal breakthrough formula containing the herbal active ingredient Maima, which revitalizes hair follicles and causes them to shift from a dormant phase to an active growing phase. New facial hair will be grown within a month. This pilatory is mild, safe and free of toxicity without hurting your skin.


Every year, thousands of men just like you search high and low for an easy way to enhance the growth of their facial hair. Our Beard Growth Spray provides you an effective, easy-to-use, 100% all natural solution. The key to maximizing beard growth is understanding how facial hair grows and the most common problems men like you are forced to battle against.


Taking advantage of only natural ingredients, BGS gives you the opportunity to jumpstart your facial hair growth. Most men who cannot grow evenly thick facial hair are victims of their own genetics. The problem is that their facial hair spends too much in the dormant stage, rather than the growth stage. BGS relies on a unique combination of natural ingredients to wake up your facial hair in no time at all. As a result, your facial hair will spend more time actively growing rather than lying dormant.


It is impossible to make a patchy, scruffy beard look good. The underlying problem is that the facial hair is not growing at the same speed. In many cases, certain areas actually aren't growing any hair at all. Beard Growth Spray gives you an easy-to-use solution which makes it easy to fill up those pesky bald spots. In as little as a month, BGS will get your facial hair to appear thicker and fuller without toxic chemicals.


Most of the hair growth products on the market today are reliant on a variety of potentially toxic chemicals. As a result, they often leave your skin red and irritated - especially with repeated use. Our Beard Growth Spray completely eliminates this problem by utilizing a unique combination of 100% natural, safe, and healthy ingredients.

The Beard Growth Spray is a new kind of cosmetic that has been developed specifically for people who want to enhance the look, size, and feel of their beards.

Ingredients Used in the Beard Growth Spray

Vitamin A is necessary for proper synthesis of testosterone (the most important hormone behind stimulating facial hair follicles to grow hair). Various studies have shown that if vitamin A levels fall, testosterone also drops very fast.

Vitamin B (complex) consists of 8 fat-soluble vitamins, nearly all of them have a function in maintaining testosterone levels and making your body produce sebum and keratin for hair and beard growth, especially b7 (biotin) and B9 (folic acid).

Vitamin C protects the body from free-radical and oxidative damage, this is because its the principal antioxidant of our own bodies. It also will help to preserve testosterone, DHT, and hair follicles from the damaging effects of the stress hormone cortisol.

Vitamin D supplementation for a year has been scientifically proven to raise testosterone levels by 25%. Because it is the hormone responsible for triggering hair development, one could readily conclude that vitamin D is a facial hair vitamin.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that protects the body and hormones in the damageof free radicals and the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, it blocks the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and boosts (facial) skin, hair, and nail health.

Vitamin K comes in 2 kinds, K1 that can be found in leafy greens, and K2 which is abundant in animal organs such as liver, brain, and heart. Both are essential for healthy testosterone and DHT generation, and thus very important beard development minerals.

Sulfur or since you may better understand it, MSM, is the 7th most abundant element of the human body, and incredibly important for facial hair development as the body requires sulfur to synthesize such facial hair vitamins as biotin (B7) and thiamine (B1).

Potassium ions are necessary for the correct function of multiple cofactor enzymes, for instance, 5-a reductase enzyme, which triggers the production of DHT, a hormone responsible for terminal growth of the male facial hair.

Sodium is the principal mineral found in salt, also it ought to exist in balance with potassium to supply “electricity” for bodily functions such as the beating of the heart. Sodium also pulls water-soluble vitamins and minerals into the cells from your blood.

Calcium supplementation has been proven to increase testosterone levels if taken following exercise, it is also a vital nutrient for cellular respiration and deficiency is known to cause brittle nails and hair loss throughout the body.


Magnesium plays an interesting role in regulating the hormones (testosterone and DHT) necessary for beard growth, It May be the most important mineral for facial hairstimulation as it lowers SHBG, a globulin that reduces activity of DHT and T.

Zinc has very important functions within the body, as it modulates hundreds of distinct co-factor enzymes. Supplementing with zinc increases hair growth speed and facial hair healthby increasing thyroid hormone and testosterone production.

About the product
Beard Growth Spray® - The Solution for the Perfect Beard - 100 % Natural
  • 100% natural herbal formula
  • See results in the first month
  • Beard Growth Spray® helps you grow more facial hair
  • Stop suffering from a patchy uneven beard

How beard growth spray works:

1.Accelerate blood circulation on face.

2.Enhance beard follicles and roots.

3.Accelerate melanin synthesis.

4.Stimulate the beard roots.

5.Improve beard quality.




How to use:

Decide What Areas of Your Face Need Thicker, Fuller Facial Hair. Apply BGS anywhere you want to enhance your facial hair growth. It can be applied to small targeted areas or your entire face. Make Sure Your Face is Dry, it is important to apply Beard Growth Spray to dry skin. This product is 100% Natural & Organic, so no need to worry about negative side affects. 

How it works:

Beard Growth Spray is developed solely to enhance facial hair. Beard Growth Spray is an innovative breakthrough 100% natural herbal formula. BGS utilizes a variety of proven, herbal ingredients to revitalize your hair follicles. It accomplishes this by quickly spurring your facial hair follicles from their dormancy into an active growing phase. The best part is this unique combination of natural ingredients is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. It is completely safe and contains none of the toxic chemicals other hair growth products rely on. You will see results in the first month! Beard Growth Spray Is Engineered to Maximize the Hair Growth Cycle Our specially designed 100% all-natural Beard Growth Spray utilizes special herbs and ingredients proven to enhance the health of your facial hair. This unique combination addresses every level of facial hair growth from maximizing the growth phase to creating healthier, thicker hair follicles by improving blood flow around the follicle itself. The best part is this topical solution can be easily applied within a matter of minutes every day.


Main Ingredients: Angelic Extract, Saw palmetto, Tea Tree Oil, Polygonum Multiflorum Extract.

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